Cash Flow Forecast

Build a Reliable Cash Flow Forecast

Empower your financial planning with Bread’s intelligent forecast feature. Plan the coming months, make informed decisions, and build a reliable cash flow forecast effortlessly.

Build a Reliable Forecast

Create accurate cash flow forecasts using Bread's simplified input tool. Analyze your cash flow and outstanding balances to build a solid forecasting base that adapts to your needs.

Sync Your Business Tools with Bread

Automatically bring data from your business tools – ERP, invoicing, accounting, etc. – to build the most reliable forecast based on real-time information.

Analyze and Compare Scenarios

Create scenarios in a few clicks to simulate the impact of potential investments, hiring, revenue drops, or late payments. Overlay and compare different hypotheses to visualize associated cash flow curves.

Income Statement Conversion

Automatically generate cash flow forecasts from the projected income statement with our 3-step conversion tool. View profit and loss statements in Bread: forecast, current, and actual.

Flexible Display

Easily show the future evolution of your cash flow with the level of visibility you prefer. Plan your needs confidently in the short, medium, and long term – daily, weekly, monthly, or quarterly.

Let's get started

Begin your journey to financial confidence with Bread. Explore the power of our Cash Flow Forecast module, predicting, analyzing, and strategizing effortlessly. Click to request a demo or purchase a license. Let’s get started with Bread today!



Perfect for new users exploring the software with a risk-free trial and essential features.

Incl. 1,000 annual entries Additional entries added automatically


299 DKK

Tailored for micro-businesses, startups, and those in the early stages, offering fundamental financial management without complexity.

Incl. 1,000 annual entries Additional entries added automatically


349 DKK

Designed for small and growing businesses, including scale-ups, providing advanced features suitable for expanding financial needs.

Incl. 1,000 annual entries Additional entries added automatically


499 DKK

Well-suited for established businesses with intricate liquidity management needs, providing comprehensive functionality for a deeper understanding of their financial liquidity

Incl. 1,000 annual entries Additional entries added automatically

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