Subscription Terms

Subscription terms for bread.


Administrator: A company that has the right to administer one or more Agreements on behalf of a company subject to bookkeeping through an Administrator module. This could be, for example, an external auditor and/or bookkeeper or an administrator for a group of agreements.

Administrator module: A module through which an Administrator has the opportunity to manage and access associated Agreements, handle payment on behalf of the Client.

Agreement: Any agreement created in bread including administrator modules.

Application: The liquidity management software bread, including any additional modules, which are offered by BreadTech ApS directly.

Application data: Data processed in the Application such as financial transactions, bank transactions and documents.

Anonymization: Anonymization of Personal Information in the Application.

Archive licence: A type of license which allows a client to store his accounting material for 5 years from the end of an agreement in order to fulfill his storage obligation in the Bookkeeping Act.

Client: The company whose accounting data and bank data are processed in bread.

The User: Any person created by the Client or the Administrator who uses the Application with their login details.

Usage data: A type of data that is generated when using the Application. Usage data includes, among other things, technical information and traffic information (operating system, browser type, keyboard language, IP address and the like) and aggregated Application or user-generated data (session duration, feedback, number of submitted invoices, deposits and withdrawals in the bank, accounting year created and the like) .

Data controller: The body that decides for which purposes, and with which aids, the processing of personal data may be carried out.

Data processor: The body that processes Personal Data on behalf of the Data Controller.

Demo Agreement: An Agreement which provides 14-day free access to the Application.

Personal data: Any information that can be attributed to an identified person, or data that can directly or indirectly identify a person.

Super User: A user type who has more rights than the regular User, including rights to change basic settings in the Agreement and export data, etc.


1. Acceptance of Terms

1.1 These terms (hereinafter “Terms”) are accepted by creating an Agreement or a Demo Agreement, by using the Application or by otherwise indicating acceptance thereof.

1.2 The application is a business to business service offered by BreadTech ApS, CVR number: 43948849, Viborggade 55,3 – 2100 København Ø (hereinafter “bread”).

1.3 Creation of an Agreement can only be done by persons who have the necessary authorization. It is the responsibility of the Client or Administrator respectively to keep all master information (CVR number, name, address etc.) in the Application up to date.

1.4 The User must at all times be aware of the content of these Terms and use the Application in accordance therewith.


2. Duration of the agreement and invoicing

2.1 The Agreement comes into force upon ordering and continues until terminated in accordance with these Terms. Demo agreements automatically expire after 14 days unless upgraded to a paid package.

2.2 After ordering an Agreement, a 14-day right of withdrawal applies.

2.3 First billing period runs from the order date to the end of a quarter. Thereafter, invoices are made quarterly in advance, unless otherwise agreed.


3. Scope and application of the agreement

3.1 The Application is provided as “software as a service” and is provided as is. By using the Application, a non-exclusive access is obtained, and in no case is the Application or a copy thereof acquired.

3.2 bread reserves the right to hand over collected accounting data and bank data to the Client’s authorized signatory, regardless of the agreement structure, as long as the Agreement is active.

3.3 The current posting level of the agreement is calculated based on the number of postings in both the current and other financial years, and the posting level is upgraded automatically in the event that the posting limit is exceeded. The payer of the Agreement will be informed of the upgrade and the new price, which takes effect from the moment the posting limit is exceeded.

3.4 An overview of packages and add-on modules can be found in the Application itself or on BreadTech’s website ( For individual functions, services and add-on modules, there may be associated independent conditions that must be accepted in addition to these Terms before they can be used.

3.5 bread has the right to change the composition and content of packages and add-on modules with one month’s notice to the end of a quarter.

3.6 Login details for an Agreement are unique and may only be used by one individual User. A breach of this provision is considered a material breach.

3.7 The Client must be a Super User on the Agreement at all times when he has access to the Agreement.

3.8 Access to an Administrator module must not be shared with the Client at any time. A breach of this provision is considered a material breach.

3.9 With the exception of what appears in clause 4.5, the Agreement cannot be transferred to a third party.

3.10 The Application may not at any time be used in a manner that may damage bread’s name, reputation or goodwill, or that is in breach of relevant legislation or other regulation.


4. Prices and payment terms

4.1 Payment terms are 8 days net from invoice date.

4.2 If the Agreement is not paid on time, reminder 1 will be sent without charge 7 days after the due date of the invoice. If the Agreement is still not paid for, reminder 2 will be sent 10 days later with a fee of DKK 150.00. If payment is still not received within 7 days after reminder 2, access to the Application will be blocked. Access to the Application is opened again after payment has been received, unless the provider has canceled the Agreement.

4.3 Invoices and reminders are sent to the invoice email specified in the Application. Delivery is considered to have taken place when they are dispatched by bread.

4.4 The prices applicable at any time can be found on bread’s website and can be changed with one month’s notice to the end of a quarter. All prices are excl. VAT.

4.5 bread supports the possibility that an Administrator who is associated with the Client’s Agreement via the Administrator module can take over the payment obligation for the Agreement. Such a takeover always requires acceptance from the previous payer. The Administrator and the Client agree that, in connection with taking over the payment obligation, the Administrator also takes over rights to change the package, purchase additional services, create and deregister Users and terminate the Agreement (including possibly purchasing an Archive license). By transferring the payment obligation to an Administrator, the Client thus loses the rights listed above, which are reserved for the paying party. However, the client remains the Data Controller as long as he has access to the Agreement.


5. Application Data

5.1 The Client is the Data Controller for Application Data, with the exception of the cases where the Client does not have access to the Agreement. In the latter case, the Administrator is the Data Controller. In this connection, reference is made to the separately concluded data processing agreement (hereinafter “Data processing agreement”) as far as additional conditions for processing Personal Data are concerned.

5.2 Clause 5.1 does not apply in relation to Personal Data processed by the Administrator in the Administrator module itself. In this case, the Administrator is the Data Controller.

5.3 bread may use Application Data to maintain, offer, price and develop the Application. In relation to development, the focus is on developing services in or associated with the Application.

5.4 After termination of the Agreement, bread is entitled to process Application Data as described in 5.3 in anonymized form.

5.5 bread may give third parties and authorities access to Application Data, however only in accordance with the relevant legislation, in connection with judgment, authority requirements, bankruptcy, death or the like.


6. Usage data

6.1 Bread is the Data Controller, as far as Usage Data is concerned, to the extent that it contains Personal Information (e.g. CVR number). Read more about how bread processes Personal Data in bread’s Privacy Policy.

6.2 Bread may use Usage Data for statistics and analysis of the Application.

6.3 To the extent that a CVR number is linked to Personal Data, bread processes such Personal Data for statistics and analysis of the Application in the role of Data Controller. Such statistics can be combined with publicly available data, Usage Data and Application Data. After the termination of the Agreement, Application data will be anonymised.

7. Operational stability

7.1 bread strives for the highest possible operational stability, but is not responsible for breakdowns or operational disruptions, including for operational disruptions caused by factors beyond bread’s control. This means i.a. power failure, failure of equipment, internet connections, telecommunications connections or the like. The application and service are provided as is and as is, and bread disclaims any warranty, representation, representation or other terms, whether direct or indirect.

7.2 In the event of breakdowns or disruptions, bread endeavors to restore normal operations as soon as possible.

7.3 Planned interruptions will preferably be placed in the time period at 21:00-06:00 CET. Should it become necessary to interrupt access to the Application outside the stated time period, this will be notified in advance as far as possible.

8. Termination

8.1. Termination of the Agreement, downgrading of the package and/or opting out of additional modules must be done directly through the Application with effect from the end of a quarter (unless otherwise stated in the description or terms of the specific service).

8.2 bread can terminate the contractual relationship with 6 months’ notice to the end of a quarter, or without notice if these Terms are significantly breached and in the event of bankruptcy or insolvency of either the Client or the Administrator.

8.3 bread reserves the right to delete Application Data after the termination of the Agreement, regardless of the reason for this, and bread has no obligations to provide Application Data after the termination of the Agreement.

8.4 bread offers an Archive License in connection with termination of the Agreement, whereby bread retains accounting data digitally for 5 years and bank data for 2 years after termination of the Agreement. An Archive license must be ordered before the end of the Agreement. The archive license comes into force at the next quarter following termination of the Agreement.

8.5 The Application provides the ability to export selected data. Export must be completed before the end of the Agreement. In the event that the Agreement expires or is terminated, bread must, where reasonable and commercially sound, intend to provide a period of 10 days after termination during which the export function can be used.

8.6 Breader entitled to terminate an Agreement that has been inactive for more than 18 months with 1 month’s notice. The inactivity covers the lack of login to the Agreement. This does not apply to Archive licenses.

9. Changes

9.1 Breader is entitled to continuously update and improve the Application and to change the structure of the Application. Such updates, improvements and changes may occur with or without notice and may affect services, including information and data uploaded to or provided by the Application.

10. Intellectual Property Rights

10.1 The Application and information provided from the Application, except Application Data, are protected by copyright and other intellectual property rights and belong to or are licensed to bread. Individually prepared software also belongs to bread, unless otherwise agreed in writing. Bread must be informed of any current or potential infringement of bread’s intellectual property rights or unauthorized use of the Application that the User becomes aware of.

10.2 At no time will bread’s intellectual property rights be transferred to the Client or Administrator.

10.3 However, in relation to material uploaded to the Application, bread is granted to its suppliers a permission and global license that is sufficient for bread to properly run and operate the Application and fulfill its obligations. Material that is uploaded to the Application or shared with bread must at no time infringe the rights of third parties or contain elements that may be offensive or in breach of relevant legislation or other regulation. Bread shall be indemnified for any loss in connection with this provision.

11. Transfer

11.1 bread has the right to transfer its rights and obligations to a third party or an affiliated company.

12. bread’s responsibility

12.1 bread disclaims any liability in relation to these Terms, services or use of the Application, regardless of whether this arises in contract or out of contract, including for operating loss, consequential or other indirect loss, loss of data, loss based on product liability or loss, that have arisen as a result of simple negligence.

12.2 Breader is not responsible for the third party solutions available and/or integrated with the Application. This includes, among other things, integrations that are added to the Application. Bread cannot therefore be held responsible for the correctness, completeness, quality and reliability of the information, nor the results obtained through these third-party solutions. Similarly, bread cannot be held responsible for the availability, security or functionality of the third-party solutions, including for possible damages and/or losses caused by third-party solutions. It is the responsibility of the person who wants to assert a claim to provide evidence that a small loss cannot be attributed to third-party solutions.

12.3 bread cannot be held responsible for actions taken by Users or Administrators associated with an Agreement.

12.4 Regardless of the type of loss or the basis of liability, bread’s total liability is limited in terms of amount to the total payment for the Agreement in the 12 months before the occurrence of the liability-giving relationship, but in all cases a maximum of DKK 10,000. bread must be held harmless from product liability damages, third-party losses and other claims from third parties that result from the use of the Application.


13. Indemnification

13.1 bread shall be indemnified against any claim or loss arising from product liability, loss of third parties or liability of third parties to the extent that it arises from the use of the Application.


14. Confidentiality

14.1 bread has a duty of confidentiality regarding all information that bread may come into possession of, however with the exception of clause 5.5.


15. Terms changes

15.1 Breader is entitled to amend these Terms in any respect. The Terms applicable at all times will be available on bread’s website. bread intends to give reasonable notice (1 month) in connection with any change. Changes are notified via email. Use of the Application following a change to these Terms constitutes acceptance of such changed Terms.


16. Disputes

16.1 These Terms are subject to Danish law and any dispute arising from the contractual relationship, including these Terms, must be brought before the Copenhagen District Court.

17. Validity

17.1 These Terms are valid from 1 January 2024 and replace previous terms.

Abonnementsvilkår for bread.


Administrator: En virksomhed der har rettighed til at administrere en eller flere Aftaler på vegne af en bogføringspligtig virksomhed gennem et Administratormodul. Dette kan eksempelvis være en ekstern revisor og/eller bogholder eller en administrator for en gruppe af aftaler.

Administratormodul: Et modul hvorigennem en Administrator har mulighed for at administrere og tilgå tilknyttede Aftaler, håndtere betaling på vegne af Klient.

Aftale: Enhver aftale der oprettes i bread inklusiv administratormoduler.

Applikation: Likviditetsstyringssoftwaren bread inklusiv eventuelle tillægsmoduler, som udbydes af BreadTech ApS direkte. 

Applikationsdata: Data som bearbejdes i Applikationen såsom finansposteringer, bankposteringer, og dokumenter.

Anonymisering: Anonymisering af Personoplysninger i Applikationen.  

Arkivlicens: En licenstype som giver en klient mulighed for at opbevare sit regnskabsmateriale i 5 år fra ophør af en aftale med henblik på at opfylde sin opbevaringsforpligtigelse i bogføringsloven.  

Klient: Den virksomhed hvis regnskabsdata og bankdata behandles i bread. 

Brugeren: Enhver person oprettet af Klienten eller Administratoren, som med sine loginoplysninger anvender Applikationen. 

Brugsdata: En type data der genereres ved brug af Applikationen. Brugsdata omfatter blandt andet teknisk information og trafikinformation (operativsystem, browsertype, tastatursprog, IP-adresse og lignende) og aggregeret Applikations- eller brugergenereret data (varighed af session, tilbagemeldinger, antal indsendte fakturaer, indbetalinger og udbetalinger i banken, bogføringsår oprettet og lignende).

Dataansvarlig: Det organ der afgør til hvilke formål, og med hvilke hjælpemidler, der må foretages behandling af personoplysninger.

Databehandler: Det organ der behandler Personoplysninger på vegne af den Dataansvarlige.

Demoaftale: En Aftale som giver 14-dages gratis adgang til Applikationen.

Personoplysninger: Enhver information der kan henføres til en identificeret person, eller data der direkte eller indirekte kan identificere en person.

Superbruger: En brugertype som har flere rettigheder end den almindelige Bruger, herunder rettigheder til at ændre grundindstillinger i Aftalen og eksportere data m.m.

1. Accept af vilkår

1.1 Nærværende vilkår (herefter “Vilkår”) accepteres, idet der oprettes en Aftale eller en Demoaftale, ved at anvende Applikationen eller ved på anden måde at tilkendegive accept heraf.

1.2 Applikationen er en business to business service, som udbydes af BreadTech ApS, CVR-nummer: 43948849, Viborggade 55,3 – 2100 København Ø (herefter “bread”).

1.3 Oprettelse af en Aftale kan udelukkende ske af personer, som har den fornødne bemyndigelse. Det påhviler henholdsvis Klienten eller Administrator at holde alle stamoplysninger (CVR-nummer, navn, adresse m.fl.) i Applikationen opdateret.

1.4 Brugeren skal til enhver tid være orienteret omkring indholdet af disse Vilkår og anvende Applikationen i overensstemmelse hermed.

2. Aftalens varighed og fakturering

2.1 Aftalen træder i kraft ved bestilling og løber indtil den opsiges i overensstemmelse med disse Vilkår. Demoaftaler udløber automatisk efter 14 dage, medmindre de opgraderes til en betalt pakke.

2.2 Efter bestilling af en Aftale gælder 14 dages fortrydelsesret.

2.3 Første faktureringsperiode løber fra bestillingsdatoen til udgangen af et kvartal. Herefter faktureres kvartalsvis forud, medmindre andet er aftalt.

3. Aftalens omfang og anvendelse 

3.1 Applikationen leveres som “software as a service” og stilles til rådighed, som den er. Ved anvendelse af Applikationen opnås en ikke-eksklusiv adgang, og i intet tilfælde erhverves Applikationen eller kopi heraf. 

3.2 bread forbeholder sig retten til at udlevere indsamlet regnskabsdata og bankdata til Klientens tegningsberettigede, uagtet aftalestruktur, så længe Aftalen er aktiv. 

3.3 Aftalens aktuelle posteringsniveau beregnes ud fra antal posteringer i såvel nuværende som øvrige regnskabsår, og posteringsniveauet opgraderes automatisk i tilfælde af, at posteringsgrænsen overskrides. Betaleren af Aftalen vil blive orienteret om opgraderingen og den nye pris, som har virkning fra det øjeblik, hvor posteringsgrænsen overskrides.

3.4 I selve Applikationen eller på BreadTechs hjemmeside ( findes en oversigt over pakker og tillægsmoduler. For enkelte funktioner, ydelser og tillægsmoduler kan der være tilknyttet selvstændige betingelser, der skal accepteres i tillæg til disse Vilkår, før de kan anvendes. 

3.5 bread har ret til at ændre sammensætningen og indholdet af pakker og tillægsmoduler med en måneds varsel til udgangen af et kvartal. 

3.6 Loginoplysninger til en Aftale er unikke og må kun bruges af én individuel Bruger. Et brud på denne bestemmelse anses for væsentlig misligholdelse. 

3.7 Klienten skal til enhver tid være Superbruger på Aftalen, når denne har adgang til Aftalen.

3.8 Adgangen til et Administratormodul må på intet tidspunkt deles med Klienten. Et brud på denne bestemmelse anses for væsentlig misligholdelse.

3.9 Med undtagelse af det der fremgår af punkt 4.5, kan Aftalen ikke overdrages til tredjemand. 

3.10 Applikationen må på intet tidspunkt blive anvendt på en måde, som kan skade breads navn, omdømme eller goodwill, eller som er i strid med relevant lovgivning eller anden regulering.

4. Priser og betalingsbetingelser

4.1 Betalingsbetingelser er 8 dage netto fra fakturadato.

4.2 Betales der ikke rettidigt for Aftalen, sendes rykker 1 uden gebyr 7 dage efter fakturaens forfaldsdato. Betales der fortsat ikke for Aftalen, sendes 10 dage senere rykker 2 med et gebyr på DKK 150,00. Såfremt betaling stadig ikke er modtaget inden 7 dage efter rykker 2, spærres adgangen til Applikationen. Adgangen til Applikationen åbnes igen efter modtaget betaling, medmindre breadforinden har ophævet Aftalen.

4.3 Fakturaer og rykkere sendes til den faktura-mail, som er angivet i Applikationen. Levering anses for sket, når de er afsendt af bread.

4.4 De til enhver tid gældende priser kan findes på breads hjemmeside og kan ændres med en måneds varsel til udgangen af et kvartal. Alle priser er ekskl. moms. 

4.5 bread understøtter muligheden for at en Administrator, der er tilknyttet Klientens Aftale via Adminstratormodulet, kan overtage betalingsforpligtelsen for Aftalen. En sådan overtagelse kræver altid accept fra den hidtidige betaler. Administratoren og Klienten er indforstået med, at Administratoren i forbindelse med overtagelse af betalingsforpligtelsen ligeledes overtager rettigheder til at ændre pakke, tilkøbe tillægsydelser, oprette og framelde Brugere og opsige Aftalen (herunder eventuelt tilkøbe en Arkivlicens). Ved overdragelse af betalingsforpligtelsen til en Administrator mister Klienten således de ovenstående oplistede rettigheder, som er forbeholdt den betalende part. Klienten er dog fortsat Dataansvarlig, så længe denne har adgang til Aftalen.

5. Applikationsdata

5.1 Klienten er Dataansvarlig for Applikationsdata med undtagelse af de tilfælde, hvor Klienten ikke har adgang til Aftalen. I sidstnævnte tilfælde er Administratoren Dataansvarlig. Der henvises i denne forbindelse til den separat indgåede databehandleraftale (herefter “Databehandleraftale”) for så vidt angår yderligere betingelser for behandling af Personoplysninger.

5.2 Punkt 5.1 finder ikke anvendelse i forhold til Personoplysninger behandlet af Administratoren i selve Administratormodulet. I dette tilfælde er Administratoren Dataansvarlig.

5.3 bread kan benytte Applikationsdata til at vedligeholde, tilbyde, prissætte og udvikle Applikationen. I forhold til udvikling fokuseres der på at udvikle tjenester i eller tilknyttet Applikationen.

5.4 Efter Aftalens ophør er bread berettiget til at behandle Applikationsdata som beskrevet i 5.3 i Anonymiseret form. 

5.5 bread kan give tredjemand og myndigheder adgang til Applikationsdata, dog kun i overensstemmelse med den relevante lovgivning, i forbindelse med dom, myndighedskrav, konkurs, afgåelse ved døden eller lignende.

6. Brugsdata

6.1 bread er Dataansvarlig, for så vidt angår Brugsdata, i det omfang det indeholder Personoplysninger (f.eks. CVR-nummer). Læs mere om hvordan bread behandler Personoplysninger i breads Privatlivspolitik.

6.2 bread kan benytte Brugsdata til statistik og analyse af Applikationen.

6.3 I det omfang et CVR-nummer er knyttet til Personoplysninger, behandler bread sådanne Personoplysninger til statistik og analyse af Applikationen i rollen som Dataansvarlig. Sådanne statistikker kan kombineres med offentligt tilgængelig data, Brugsdata og Applikationsdata. Efter Aftalens ophør vil Applikationsdata være Anonymiseret.

7. Driftsstabilitet

7.1 bread tilstræber højst mulig driftsstabilitet, men er uden ansvar for nedbrud eller driftsforstyrrelser, herunder for driftsforstyrrelser forårsaget af faktorer uden for breads kontrol. Herved forstås bl.a. strømsvigt, fejl på udstyr, internetforbindelser, telekommunikationsforbindelser eller lignende. Applikationen og servicen leveres, som den er og forefindes, og bread fraskriver sig enhver garanti, til sikring, indeståelse, anprisning eller andre vilkår, uanset direkte eller indirekte.

7.2 I tilfælde af nedbrud eller forstyrrelser tilstræber bread sig på at genskabe normal drift hurtigst muligt.

7.3 Planlagte afbrydelser vil fortrinsvis blive placeret i tidsrummet kl. 21.00-06.00 CET. Skulle det blive nødvendigt at afbryde adgangen til Applikationen uden for det anførte tidsrum, vil dette blive varslet forinden i videst muligt omfang.

8. Ophør

8.1. Opsigelse af Aftalen, nedgradering af pakke og/eller fravalg af tillægsmoduler skal ske direkte gennem Applikationen med effekt fra udgangen af et kvartal (medmindre andet fremgår af beskrivelsen eller vilkårene for den specifikke ydelse). 

8.2 bread kan opsige aftaleforholdet med 6 måneders varsel til udgangen af et kvartal, eller uden varsel, hvis disse Vilkår væsentligt misligholdes samt i tilfælde af konkurs eller insolvens hos enten Klienten eller Administrator. 

8.3 bread forbeholder sig retten til at slette Applikationsdata efter Aftalens ophør uanset årsagen hertil, og bread har ingen forpligtelser til at udlevere Applikationsdata efter Aftalens ophør.

8.4 bread tilbyder en Arkivlicens i forbindelse med ophør af Aftalen, hvorved bread op bevarer regnskabsdata digitalt i 5 år og bankdata i 2 år efter ophør af Aftalen. En Arkivlicens skal bestilles inden Aftalens ophør. Arkivlicensen træder i kraft ved næstkommende kvartal efter ophør af Aftalen.

8.5 Applikationen giver mulighed for at eksportere udvalgt data. Eksport skal gennemføres inden Aftalens ophør. I tilfælde af at Aftalen udløber eller opsiges, skal bread, hvor rimeligt og kommercielt forsvarligt, tilsigte at give en periode på 10 dage efter ophør, hvor eksportfunktionen kan anvendes. 

8.6 breader berettiget til at ophæve en Aftale, der har været inaktiv i mere end 18 måneder med 1 måneds varsel. Inaktitivtet dækker over manglende login på Aftalen. Dette gælder ikke for Arkivlicenser.

9. Ændringer

9.1 breader berettiget til løbende at foretage opdateringer og forbedringer af Applikationen samt ændre i opbygningen af Applikationen. Sådanne opdateringer, forbedringer og ændringer kan ske med eller uden varsel og kan påvirke services, herunder informationer og data uploadet til eller afgivet af Applikationen.

10. Immaterielle rettigheder

10.1 Applikationen og information der afgives fra Applikationen, undtagen Applikationsdata, er beskyttet af ophavsret og andre immaterielle rettigheder og tilhører eller er licenseret til bread. Individuelt udarbejdet programmel tilhører ligeledes bread, medmindre andet skriftligt er aftalt. Bread skal orienteres om enhver aktuel eller potentiel krænkelse af breads immaterielle rettigheder eller uautoriseret brug af Applikationen, man som Bruger får kendskab til.

10.2 På intet tidspunkt vil der ske en overdragelse af breads immaterielle rettigheder til Klienten eller Administrator.

10.3 I forhold til materiale der uploades til Applikationen, tildeles brea dog dennes leverandører en tilladelse og global licens, der er tilstrækkelig til, at bread forsvarligt kan afvikle og drifte Applikationen og opfylde sine forpligtelser. Materiale som uploades til Applikationen eller deles med bread, må på intet tidspunkt krænke tredjemands rettigheder eller indeholde elementer, der kan virke stødende eller er i strid med relevant lovgivning eller anden regulering. Bread skal skadesløsholdes for ethvert tab i forbindelse med denne bestemmelse.


11.1 bread har ret til at overdrage sine rettigheder og forpligtelser til tredjemand eller et koncernforbundet selskab.

12. breads ansvar

12.1 bread fraskriver sig ethvert ansvar i relation til disse Vilkår, services eller brug af Applikationen, uanset om dette opstår i kontrakt eller uden for kontrakt, herunder for driftstab, følgeskader eller andre indirekte tab, tab af data, tab begrundet i produktansvar eller tab, der er opstået som følge af simpel uagtsomhed.

12.2 breader ikke ansvarlig for de tredjepartsløsninger, der er tilgængelige og/eller integreres med Applikationen. Dette omfatter blandt andet integrationer, som tilføjes til Applikationen. Bread kan således ikke holdes ansvarlig for rigtigheden, fuldstændigheden, kvaliteten og pålideligheden af informationerne og heller ikke resultaterne, som opnås gennem disse tredjepartsløsninger. Tilsvarende kan bread ikke holdes ansvarlig for tredjepartsløsningernes tilgængelighed, sikkerhed eller funktionalitet, herunder for mulige skader og/eller tab forårsaget af tredjepartsløsninger. Det påhviler den, der vil gøre et krav gældende, at føre bevis for, at et lidt tab ikke kan tilskrives tredjepartsløsninger.

12.3 bread kan ikke holdes ansvarlig for handlinger foretaget af Brugere eller Administratorer, der er tilknyttet en Aftale. 

12.4 Uanset typen af tab eller ansvarsgrundlaget er breads samlede ansvar beløbsmæssigt begrænset til den samlede betaling for Aftalen i 12 måneder før det ansvarspådragende forholds indtræden, dog i alle tilfælde maksimalt DKK 10.000. bread skal friholdes for produktansvarsskader, tredjemandstab og øvrige krav fra tredjemand, som følger af brugen af Applikationen.

13. Skadesløsholdelse

13.1 bread skal skadesløsholdes mod ethvert krav eller tab, der skyldes produktansvar, tab hos tredjeparter eller ansvar for tredjeparter, i det omfang det hidrører fra brugen af Applikationen.

14. Tavshedspligt

14.1 bread har tavshedspligt om alle informationer, bread måtte komme i besiddelse af, dog med undtagelse af punkt 5.5.

15. Vilkårsændringer

15.1 breader berettiget til at ændre disse Vilkår i enhver henseende. De til enhver tid gældende Vilkår vil være tilgængelige på breads hjemmeside. breadtilsigter at give rimeligt varsel (1 måned) i forbindelse med enhver ændring. Ændringer varsles via email. Brug af Applikationen efter en ændring af disse Vilkår udgør en accept af sådanne ændrede Vilkår.

16. Tvister

16.1 Disse Vilkår er undergivet dansk ret og enhver tvist, der udspringer af aftaleforholdet, herunder disse Vilkår, skal anlægges ved Byretten i København.

17. Gyldighed

17.1 Disse Vilkår er gyldige fra d. 1. januar 2024 og erstatter tidligere vilkår.


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